I do everything you say and then some. Before doing anything, I wonder, “How would he feel?”

You, on the other hand,
you do what you want,
when you want, regardless of me and my feelings.

You break me down, as much as you can, just to build yourself up.
This isn’t love.

I try to keep a smile on your face,
but you’re never satisfied.
I’m not enough. What do you want?

You never tell me i’m beautiful. Instead, you point out my flaws, and laugh.
Do you know what that does to me?

I isolated myself, for you. I separated myself, for you. Isn’t this what you wanted? I’m here.
I’m all yours…

But when I call, you don’t pick up. When I need you, you’re not there, so I cry myself to sleep, then wake up and cry some more.

I wipe my own tears, while looking in the mirror. “Who am I?” I think to myself. “What happened to me?”

I start to wonder why. Why am I not good enough? Why can’t you accept me, for me? Why don’t you love me like you say?

Then I realize, I am the problem. I’m weak. I’m insecure. I’m naive.
These are my true flaws.

I let you dictate my life for way too long. I let you belittle my efforts and shrink my ego enough.

Time’s up…

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