I go through phases where i’d rather just be alone. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to talk. I’ll just stay in the house, in my room, focusing on some type of project, reading, writing, watching netflix, or doing absolutely nothing.

I find that this works for me. This makes me happy. It gives me the freedom that I had been desperately searching for. Sometimes we feel that we must always be available for those around us to avoid disappointment. This is unhealthy.

I’m not advising you to start ignoring people when they need you, but if you need some “you time” and they’re just trying to use you for their own pleasure, have your time. Say no.

Social Isolation is often associated with negativity or “shutting people out”. This is not what i’m referring to. I’m suggesting isolation for self-care, a break; you know, some time to free your mind.

A lot of us fear being alone and crave that human interaction. This dependence on others is what’s preventing some of us from finding our own happiness and inner peace. If you need people to make you happy, imagine what would happen if those people ever left.

Have the ability to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy social isolation. If you’re sad or depressed, sometimes it’s BEST to actually talk to someone, as being alone may increase your depression, but if you just need a break; some time to breathe, it’s okay to isolate yourself.

Some people may be offended by this act and others will understand. Pay attention to the ways in which the people around you react to your decision. Are they selfish or understanding? Do they reach out or fade away? Although the purpose of this is not to test those around you, it will serve as such. Take advantage of your findings and use them wisely.

You don’t need people around you who stand in the way of your personal growth. They should always add to/influence it. Use your “me time” to evaluate your life and those apart of it. You’ll find that this isolation will really pay off.

2 thoughts on “social isolation: ME TIME.

  1. This is so me! I sometimes feel like a loner but when I go out, I’m reminded why I enjoy myself so much. So weird but only way I can best explain it.


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