We all have those moments where we feel down and can’t really pinpoint why. Honestly, i’ve been feeling this way lately and I hate it. When I get into these “slumps” I don’t want to do anything but sleep. I go to work and as soon as I get home, I shower and jump straight into the bed.

That’s how I identify my slumps—lack of motivation to do ANYTHING. I’ve figured out a few things that really help me during these times and I think they’ll be beneficial to you too.

1. Acknowledge/Accept it.

As I mentioned, I’ve learned how to identify my “slumps”. When all I want to do is sleep, I start thinking, “okay, what’s going on?” Maybe your identifier will be different, but nonetheless, when you’re feeling down, don’t run from it. Look in the mirror and face it. Acknowledge, accept and address.

2. Talk to someone.

It doesn’t matter who you talk to as long as it’s someone who can bring you some positivity. Talk to a person who will listen and refrain from judging or talking down on you for feeling the way you do. Talk to someone you can trust; someone you know will help motivate you and help to get you out of that state.

3. Tap into your creativity.

Writing is my outlet, and even if you don’t have a strong knack for it, it’s a really great way to release unwanted emotions. I personally think everyone should journal, but maybe you prefer drawing or singing—dancing even. Whatever it is, do something that’ll get those creative juices flowing and reignite that spark that’s hiding within.

4. Exercise.

Okay so I hate the gym. I’m not saying go and do a full blown hour workout (unless that’s what you’re into) but it helps to be active. Take a walk or a jog, stretch, do some yoga, zumba, etc. Get that blood pumping and that adrenaline rushing. That energy boost will really help bring that motivation back.

5. Hang out with friends.

Just as it’s best to talk to someone who’s positive, it’s also a good idea to hang around people who will do the same during this time. You don’t want to struggle with your own depression or sadness and have other people adding to it with their problems. Go out with people who want to have fun and make you switch gears.

6. Pamper/treat yourself.

With me being in my slump, I haven’t pampered myself at all. I’ve barely brushed my hair to be completely honest and today, I said, you know what, i’m going to get it together. So I put a rinse in my hair, did a deep conditioning treatment, and dolled myself up a bit. I didn’t go anywhere but the self care felt great. You can do this or go get your nails done, take yourself out to dinner, go to the mall, get a massage, etc. Show yourself some love and you’ll automatically begin to feel better.

7. Take a personal day.

Take a day off of work. Turn your phone off. Find your happy space. You deserve it. You’re entitled to it. Do whatever you need to do to think and reflect on what it is that has you on this slump.

8. Try something new.

I personally need newness in my life, whether it’s new food, a new book, a new activity, a new show, etc. I can’t really put into words what trying new things does for me, but I know that I hate feeling stagnant and this is a common stump starter. Take a risk and break out of that routine.

I could probably go on and on but I think these have been helping me the most. Feeling down or “not like yourself” is completely normal, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Once you’ve acknowledged that things aren’t right, start taking action!

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