My name is Autumn Brunson. I’m from New Jersey, am 23, and currently attend Montclair State University as a graduate student. I’ve always had a strong knack for reading and writing (writing more so), and decided that, in the age of digital and social media, it only makes sense to turn to blogging. Each and every time I post, I plan to give you “the real me”; my realest and truest thoughts and feelings, no matter how raw or personal.

I contemplated for months about starting this blog because I’ve never shared my writing with anyone, literally no one. I always feel that it’s “too personal”, but I’m beginning to think that this an excuse I’ve made up to continue hiding. I’ll talk about that later. Writing is my outlet. My journal is my best friend. It is the best form of communication and expression for me personally. I tend to keep my feelings and emotions to myself, and in order to keep my sanity, I write them down.

I decided to create this blog for multiple reasons. 1. To get over this fear I have of sharing my ideas with the world. This is what I meant when I mentioned hiding earlier. Although my journal writing is personal, I know that I can create pieces that are relatable for everyone (women specifically). I have already actually. I’ve just always been so afraid of rejection. I’d always think “What if people don’t like it?” But one day, I woke up and said screw it. Let’s give it a shot. 2. To inspire women and girls everywhere. I’ve experienced some dangerously low points in my life which molded me into the woman I am today. I want to share these experiences with the world and hopefully encourage other females by doing so. I want to let those who are hurting know that it will be okay. I want women/girls to dig deep within themselves and focus on beautifying more than just their face or body.

I hope to take you on this journey with me. While I have found peace within myself, I am still working daily to be the very best version of me. Let’s grow together.